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Workshop in Coleford, Gloucestershire

Learn How To Generate Hot Leads and Easily Convert Them into Clients for Life to Ensure Repeat Business

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  • Create Your 8 Steps to Creating Clients for Life
  • Confidently Attract and Generate Leads and Enquiries
  • Master Your Message to Grab Your Ideal Clients' Attention
  • Automatically Generate Leads Through Your Social Media Profiles (without Ads)
  • Learn How to Convert Leads into Loyal Clients for Life Without being Pushy, Salesy or Uncomfortable
  • Nurture and Grow Your Prospect List into Clients for Life

What is The Client Creation Mastermind Workshop?

The Client Creation Mastermind Workshop is an exciting opportunity for you to create and develop your own winning Client Creation formula to Generate Leads, Enquiries and Sales for YOUR business.

It's a 2 day workshop where I (Charlotte Greenman) walk you through each step of the Client Creation Roadmap (see below) for your business. You will have access to all of my 20+ years of experience, knowledge and hindsight.


Imagine a Brainstorming Consultation Session on Steroids Mixed With a Step by Step Client Creation Roadmap Tailored to Your Business and Goals!  🙂 


Within the workshop, I will show you (step by step) How to Generate Leads from a wide variety of sources and How to Turn them into Loyal Clients for Life who Don’t Buy on Price (and willingly offer referrals). 


The great thing about generating and attracting leads is that they are warm leads and they want to buy from you so following up and closing the sale is much quicker and easier


Throughout the workshop I will walk you through my Complete Client Creation Roadmap which is a combination of 8 Essential and Proven Steps to Create Clients for Life and I'll tailor every step and idea specifically to your business. 

Charlotte gets to know what you do, and gives examples for your business during the workshops to help you see the possibilities of the techniques she's showing. She's approachable, supportive and helpful after the workshops to make sure you get the best from it.

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What is The Client Creation Roadmap?

The Client Creation Roadmap is a Proven Series of 8 Essential Steps to Create Clients for Life:

Step 1 - Plan Your Journey

Identify your target market, set goals and plan your journey.  Also plan your prospects journey and the route you want them to travel to become a client for life

Step 2 - Master Your Message

Create your perfect pitch and clearly get your message across.  Package your products and services to make them irresistible to your target market.  The more you attract your prospect, the less selling you have to do

Step 3 - Choose Your Paths

Discover the top 27 Lead Generation methods and discover which suit your business and resources to get the maximum return on investment.  Also, adapt the layout of your website and content to maximise responses and generate enquiries

Step 4 - Create Engaging Content

Write interesting articles, blog posts and more.  Know what to write and how to write it to start engaging your audience and encourage them to comment and share it

Step 5 - Set up Landing Pages

Set up your landing pages and sales pages to turn those visitors and readers into followers, leads, enquiries and clients.  Capture their email addresses, orders and interest in what you offer

Step 6 - Start Being Social

Complete your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles beyond just the basics and learn how to set them up to generate leads and enquiries (without Ads)

Step 7 - Sell Ethically

Once you have generated leads and enquiries, use these ethical selling methods to convert them into clients for life.  No-one likes a hard or pushy sales person, so learn how to follow up and sell ethically to create a win-win outcome

Step 8 - Nurture and Grow

Not everyone is ready to buy immediately so learn how to nurture and keep in touch with your prospects until they are ready to buy.  Know how to adapt and evolve to grow your business and keep your clients happy for life

Without doubt Charlotte's Mastermind Course has helped me unlock a few blockages in my business and has educated me with some new ideas that fit well with my marketing plans. Highly recommended.

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Even more details:

Topics we work through include:

          - Setting goals

          - Identifying your Target Market

          - Getting your message right

          - How to package your products and services

          - How to create opportunities

          - Increasing your confidence using the telephone

          - How to follow up leads and convert them

          - How to write winning scripts and emails

          - How to build rapport with decision makers and book appointments with them

          - Up-Selling, Cross-Selling and Down-Selling…yes, sometimes you need to down-sell!

          - How to ethically close a sale to create a client for life

          - The best ways to nurture clients to keep them for life and willing give you referrals (and not buy on price!)

          - And much, much more!

No previous technical knowledge or experience is needed.

Sales and marketing is an area I struggle with. Following a plan that gives me structure and direction is of a great benefit to me.

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This 2 day workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Use Social Media and Other Sources to Automate and Increase Incoming Leads and Enquiries
  • Sell Ethically and Close the Sale Without Being Salesy or Pushy
  • Have a Rinse and Repeat Formula to Generate Clients for Life for Your Business
  • Know How to Increase Client Spend and Profitability
  • Take Advantage of My 20+ yrs of Experience, Knowledge and Hindsight to Brainstorm and Work With You on Your Business to GET IT DONE

Coleford Mastermind Workshop: Thursday 22nd and Thursday 29th September 2016

Total number of places: Only 6 places to ensure I can give you my individual attention (only 1 space left!)

Venue: The Main Place, Old Station Way, Coleford, Gloucestershire, GL16 8RH

Times: 9:30am to 4:30pm

Price: £198 +vat (only £99/day)

Includes: Lunch, Refreshments, Workbooks and Certificate

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About Charlotte Greenman:

Hi!!  My name is Charlotte Greenman and I show business owners and sales professionals how to generate loyal Clients for Life. 

I’ll show you how to create opportunities and generate leads (from a variety of sources) right through to closing sales and generating clients for life (who don’t buy on price and willingly give referrals).

I specialise in Lead Generation (Inbound and Outbound), Creating Clients, Telemarketing, Cold Calling, Getting Past Gatekeepers, Building Rapport with Decision Makers (and Buyers) and Appointment Making.

I have 20+ years of experience and hindsight and I’m a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certified Trainer, Presenter and Speaker.  I’m happy to share all my knowledge with you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Charlotte Greenman - Accredited Marketing - CPD approved Telemarketing and Telesales Trainer

Charlotte Greenman

CPD* Certified Trainer, Speaker and Presenter
*Continuing Professional Development

I'd Love to Show You How You Can Create Your Own Clients for Life!

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